Xx Existent Estate Words Y'all Never Heard Earlier

This is the sort of freeting every home needs.
What'sec a freeting? Read on!
When yous're a domicile seller , y'all presently acquire that the everyday English language fails yous.

You see people , operate into situations , too even DO things that ask a novel give-and-take. Like these I have coined:


Inflatable mattress dressed to await like a regular bed.

Bubble Bath 

A grandiose main bathroom built at the summit of the housing nail.


Older dwelling that looks practiced.


A toll reduction because the abode was cluttered amongst as well many cute plates on the walls.

Drive-past Shooting 

When a dwelling house buyer drives neighborhoods snapping photos on a cell call to post a significant other for immediate feedback.

Flip Flop

Home renovated to sell , but done poorly.


First impression the vestibule of your domicile gives to those arriving.
We could telephone call this home "a cougar." 


For sale by crazy mortal , a phrase used to draw a home overpriced because the seller thinks he doesn’t accept to pay a Realtor.


Craft room

Half Baked

Kitchen non staged


A text message that the people coming to opinion your abode (that you lot spent all weekend cleaning) bought some other domicile.

Lady Ga Ga

A married span tours your habitation and entirely the married woman falls inwards dear amongst it.
A leather sofa similar this volition non ask to live "pillowized." Photo: brabbu


When yous SO desperately desire a room inward your home to look similar a photograph inwards a mag , it actually happens!


Towels exclusively reserved for when people are coming to persuasion your habitation.


When a dwelling seller buys all the staging accessories inward i trip to Target.    


Neighbor from hell


Efforts made to comprehend couch stains with big , decorator pillows.


Shortening draperies and curtains past using masking tape or duct tape


White thrifted finds. All the article of furniture you bought instant manus , in addition to and then painted white to phase your domicile. 


Artificial wow component , such as an avocado fridge painted alongside stainless steel pigment.

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Top photo: Meg Broff Interiors