Why 1 Blog

“You accept me mixed upwards alongside someone else.”

That’sec what I would take said if you toldme inwards 2010 that I would be writing a blog as well as books.

All these years together with posts afterwards , I think of myself every bit ablogger who publishes her ain eBooks.

I love researching homedécor topics , drafting too editing my blog posts , interacting with my readers , creatingunique DIY projects for abode staging , too photographing any I think willinterest people staging their ain homes.

This whole blogging thought wasn’t my ain. It was my adultdaughter who suggested it.

“Mom ,” she said , “You actually ought to write a bookabout domicile staging. I’ll aid you get a blog upward as well as running to sell it.” Itsounded so elementary.

Life lessons are everywhere

I did not know blogging would grow to eat then much of my attentionand fourth dimension. Any blogger knows what I am talking virtually. Most bloggers function difficult. Thetruth almost blogging is that , equally my hairstylist from years ago , Mister Charles ,told me about my pilus , “Honey , the more than attention yous turn over it , the improve it’sgoing to expect.” Life lesson.  

My daughter knows me well. She knew I would embrace thechallenge of self-imposed deadlines , too of creating original re-create too images.She knew how I always loved making a habitation more than livable , more beautiful. Everyhouse we lived inward was ever beingness re-arranged together with tweaked. On a shoestring.When I began investing inwards real estate , she watched how I turned properties noone else wanted into hot sellers.

I always looked frontwards to the side by side flip. And I e'er mademoney.

Although I had enough of myown ideas , I also researched what home stagers , designers , decorators , colour consultants , organizers , as well as remodelers had taught , too I puta more practical spin on all of that.

I added what I had learned in the constructionindustry , inwards the existent estate field , in advert as well as magazine editing , together with ina lifetime of crafting , decorating , painting , gardening , and sewing. I didn’tpick this stuff upwards in a volume. 

My staging books aren't glossy , full colour , hardcoverbooks of heart candy. They're eBooks , so that agency yous tin access it immediatelyas shortly equally y'all download it. You tin read it on your figurer.

You don’t take aKindle or a tablet. You can print it if yous wishing , just the dwelling house staging i is over 150 pages , soyou probably won’t impress that i.

My books are full of nuts too bolts advice. Maybe more or less of it will befamiliar to yous. I hand you all the professional shortcuts to effective cleaningand organizing. I pass you foolproof formulas for article of furniture arrangements. Igive yous ideas for filling wall infinite , arranging furniture then rooms await big , making no-run up pillows , and creating thefeatures that buyers desire as well as involve , that unlock your domicile’sec hidden assets , nomatter what your anggaran or decorating skills.

All for merely $4.99! That’sec the cost of each eBook. Talk most render on your investment!

And for the record , I don’t inquire you lot to buy ability tools orhave exceptional DIY experience. I don’t send you lot to Target and IKEA with along shopping list of cute as well as trendy accessories. What I do give y'all is tipsyou don’t discover elsewhere.  

Maybe yous don’t require to read the pointers on hosting aprofitable garage sale. Maybe yous don’t postulate to know kiat for selling an historichome , a mobile home , or a dwelling house on the water. Well , y'all tin just skip thosesections. The table of contents is hyperlinked to every section; jumping aroundin my domicile staging volume is tardily!

Here's What Others Have Told Me

"Just wanted you lot to knowthat nosotros sold later 12 days on the market. Buyers wanted our house and so much theydidn’t quibble near the toll or damage. What a approving too a big relief.Thank you for putting us 'inwards the driver’sec place.'" – Harvey too AliciaB.
 "I’k so glad I wentahead and downloaded your book. Thanks for making the advice y'all pass and so clearand well organized.  No wasted words or self-promotion! Love that!"  -- Katherine  S.
 "I thought I knew how tostage my abode because I’d watched enough HGTV. LOL. But I ordered the booksanyway , because I like what I’ve read on your weblog. I have to tell , the volume’sopened my eyes to what tin can live done without wasting money. These are reallygreat ideas , ones that are practical and frugal instead of pie in the sky. Ican’t hire a squad of workers to stage my domicile. But immediately I know how to do itmyself!" -- Paige Marie A.
"Barbara , I used your NoSew Window Treatment Book to make window coverings in three bedrooms , andeveryone is actually impressed with the divergence they brand , specially my Realtor.  These rooms needed draperies bad , simply I didn’t take money foranything fancy. I followed your directions for using fleece to make ones that looked total together with luxurious. I didn't pass much money or fourth dimension!  I’1000 delighted.  Thank you lot ,give thanks you lot!" -- Kim thousand.
"I’ve but done a quicklook though the volume I ordered , and I tin can come across that I’ll be picking up novel ideas on every page... only the kinds of things I tin grip onmy ain to brand my habitation demonstrate improve… Now , I take a novel boost of confidence thatI’ll be able to become the price I desire!" -- Andrea thou.
"My family sold the offset month it was on the marketplace , andsimilar homes are not selling. I didn’t underprice. What made the differencewere the uncomplicated changes I made subsequently reading your volume – arranging piece of furniture ,choosing paint colors , what to hide , what to demo off , cheap decor , as well as as well many other small-scale kiat that put the home over the superlative. Buyerswere SO happy to have found a act-inwards ready property." – Shelly L.
"Congrats to yous on asuccessful staging book. I read it cover to comprehend in addition to learned all I needed toknow to transform my condo into something sale-able!  I made more than moneythat I always made." -- Samuel thou.
"…Should live requiredreading for all dwelling house sellers. I recommend it to all my (real estate) clients. Makes my job and so much easier." Kelly thou. 
"We were about foreclosure on our townhouse. We was desperate. We didn’t take a staging anggaran which I was told was needed if we wanted to become out in addition to not lose our investment. The money nosotros spent on your ebook saved us hundreds if non thousands of dollars. I was able to make improvements using your techniques (as well as I am non a handy or crafty individual!) Happy ending , nosotros got a buy offer at the showtime open up menage. We close inwards 3 weeks. We can pay off my mortgage as well as have the coin we wanted to act."  – Ari chiliad.
"As a real estatebroker , I won’t run alongside a seller who doesn’t buy your DIY dwelling house staging volume.It fills a real take. I applaud your efforts , and I have seen theresults!"  -- Charles P.
"I’ve been reading yourblog in preparation for selling our domicile. It’second been an instruction for me becauseI’ve never sold a domicile before. My hubby helped me get our home fix tosell , and sell it did afterwards simply three weeks. It looked awesome afterward followingyour rules. We hated to move , just nosotros immediately accept the money to buy our dream dwelling house."  – Crystal in addition to Allen H.
"I’d recommend your staging volume to anyone trying to sell a dwelling. Competition is tough inwards our expanse , and then we knew we had to outshine the comps…Your volume showed us how , in addition to we were able to do it on a tight budget. We were able to lay the net income toward fixing our novel dwelling house the mode nosotros want it. We’re fifty-fifty using about of the same ideas there , too!" -- Libby 
 "My dwelling house was on themarket for seven months , Not 1 offering and then I bought your book I establish outthere were plenty of pocket-size things I could make to amend things , only niggling things that were keeping my household fromstanding out. I made changes in each room. I painted my forepart door too updatedthe bedding. I rearranged approximately piece of furniture. I boxed just about things forstorage. I was able to sell ii weeks after I finished staging accordingto your suggestions. You should charge more than than $4.99!"  -- A.G.J.
"I detest to move from my menage right away that it looks and so prissy! It'second gorgeous , thank you to your book. We are closing adjacent calendar week." -- Melinda   

You could live side by side

I am and so confident that my eBooks will pass on yous and so muchunderstanding of what motivates buyers that I promise to reach your coin backif you lot are not happy. After thousands of copies sold , no one hasasked for a refund.

The quotes above are from actual emails when readers took the trouble to write together with say me how much they appreciated the eBooks. They dear to order me when a dwelling house is sold! 

Would yous like to be signing that purchase offer on yourhouse before long? Would y'all similar to relax , knowing that a buyer has fallen inward lovewith your abode? That yous can move on to the side by side chapter of your life?

I have been there

I know what it’s similar to look for an offering , together with I know thatif y'all’ve staged your home amongst confidence , knowing that your dwelling house is all thatit tin live inwards a competitive market , the expect is easier. And the sale comesfaster!

You could even exit the closing tabular array amongst coin inwards yourpocket , because the right kind of staging is both frugal as well as profitable. Yourhome will sell for more than money than your competition that isn't staged.

Think virtually it: every domicile is already staged , whether it’sintentional or not. If your intent is to sell your domicile and to phase ityourself , you call for my eBook.

I love to text my girl every fourth dimension I sell another eBook.She knows how proud I am of both my eBooks. Almost every bit proud equally I am of her.Okay , that’s an exaggeration.

Go hither forthwith to immediately download both of my books. And letme know when you sell your domicile , and so I can add together my personal congratulations toyou on a job well done. That’s why I weblog , for you lot too for myself.