Too Who Stages

Q: My married man wants to listing our home alongside an one-time college buddy of his who is a existent estate agent. I intend in that location are other real estate agents who are more experienced.  Also , I don’t like to mix friendship with concern. Any advice?

A: I’k inward agreement with you lot. Unless in that location are other reasons y'all would take this agent to a higher place all others , I’d use all the sentiment you tin to convince your husband to pick out a real estate agent based on close to of the weather too qualities I’ve blogged virtually in the linked postal service.

If your married man is convinced his friend is The One , I’d nonetheless interview the guy – in an informal style – to give him the message that business is business , to express your expectations , too to inquire questions nigh how he plans to marketplace your dwelling house.

Q: We are moving out of our abode earlier it sells in addition to I will live staging it with article of furniture we can alive without temporarily inward our new domicile. We take a babe thousand piano that I could take moved like a shot or subsequently. Do you intend a piano is a proficient slice of article of furniture for staging , or is it besides specialized as well as personal?

A: A pianoforte sounds similar a terrific item for staging , especially if it is equally attractive equally a baby one thousand. Since yous’re moving some of your furniture , I assume in that location’second infinite for it. If a pianoforte were one-time in addition to shell upward , or if it crowded the residue of the room , I would take instant thoughts virtually staging with it. Good luck amongst your move!
A big room peculiarly calls for big article of furniture. 
Like a piano! Photo past Jolin Collins.

Q: Most of my article of furniture is one-time. Not antique sometime , merely inherited pieces that are middle-of-the-route quality. Some match and some don’t. Do y'all take ideas for making my home expect more than (how else tin I tell this?) expensive?

A: It’sec a common state of affairs. Here’sec what I suggest.

Separate whatsoever matching sets of article of furniture. If y'all have pairs of matching nightstands or end tables or chairs , purpose the pairs inward the same room , but break up anything like a v-slice chamber set.

Can roughly of your older pieces be painted to pass on them a more casual await? People used to alive more than formally , only today , people’second homes reverberate a more than fun approach to decorating , and then painted pieces don’t carry the stigma they in one case did.

Third , I would detect more or less noticeably contemporary accessories , similar a sleek new lighting fixture , a Lucite tray , pillows showing off a trendy design , an abstract picture , or a fashionably padded headboard. These touches add together a fresh , novel feeling to the décor.

Finally , I would make sure that whatever nonessentials that expect old-fashioned be kept out of sight. If your dwelling is historic or a traditional Craftsman style or mid-century terbaru ranch , in addition to can support more or less retro touches , that’s i affair. But otherwise , erstwhile window treatments , obsolete electronics , too dated minor appliances make a dwelling wait stuck in fourth dimension , or the belongings of people who don’t have money to spend on their domicile. People desire to purchase a pampered home.

What non to do: create a sleeping room that looks 
similar a article of furniture shop ad. Boring!
Q: Where I live , people don’t stage their homes when it’s fourth dimension to sell. It seems to live a do more for cities and suburbs , non rural areas like where we are. Now that nosotros’re getting fix to sell , I wanted to ask your thought on staging my family. Won’t I await featherbrained?
A: Let’second clarify 1 affair. A good-staged habitation does not expect like it’second been fussed with. It looks like the home of people who are make clean , organized , as well as financially comfortable.

I enjoin , get ahead too phase your dwelling to go far more than attractive than the other homes that are for sale inward your surface area. Make whatsoever repairs , make clean as well as declutter everything , make a feeling of spaciousness , and you’re gold.

My opinion is that every abode is staged , whether it’s intentional or not , on the marketplace or non.

You'll discover more answers to staging questions inward my three  eBooks on DIY Home Staging , No-Sew Window Treatments , and Furniture Arranging.