Should Nosotros Buy This Dwelling House?

Outside , the condo doesn't wait bad.

Inside , it was another floor. It definitely looked
drab , inexpensive , outdated! 

Cast of charactersec

I paint houses for a living. My husband too I take bought as well as sold investment properties. We of late moved to the North Carolina coast after selling our dwelling inwards the North Carolina mountains.

Today a local Realtor friend called to enquire if nosotros wanted to expect at a nearby property. Technically , we are non in the market for an investment belongings , just she knows that nosotros take flipped a brace of duduk urusan houses , then she idea of us.

A expert Realtor is inventive similar that. In this web log , I’ll live discussing what makes a practiced realtor. Finding one is a major step on the path between deciding to sell too leaving the closing tabular array with money. But I won’t ignore readers who are F.S.B.O.        

We went straight off to her role. When y'all’re working amongst Ms. Speedy , things happen fast. I telephone call her Ms. Speedy because she is. Quick thinking together with quick-acting. 

The property inward enquiry

The holding is a vacant waterfront condo that’sec been on the market place for 2 years. Ms. Speedy told us that for the start year the family smelled then bad real estate agents would not fifty-fifty get into the place to present it.  Finally , the possessor was convinced to pass about coin to supercede rug in addition to vinyl. That got rid of the doggy odour. But agents withal aren’t bringing buyers.

The question we are at once request ourselves is , tin close to serious cosmetics in addition to just about unproblematic staging plow an ordinary two-bedchamber , 2-bath condo into money. Its amenities are the deeded boat skid merely steps away from the dorsum door , a H2O view , a neat neighborhood , reasonable homeowner association fees , close-past shopping , restaurants as well as other services , as well as no exterior maintenance.   

One neat affair nearly Ms. Speedy is that she has been a real estate penanam modal herself together with she knows what it takes to prepare as well as sell a family for a profits.  We tossed around ideas virtually what needed to live done to brand the holding attractive to buyers.  It’sec a long listing , and so nosotros went domicile to mull it over. 

Questions we postulate answers to

At habitation , my hubby , aka Mr. Lucky , as well as I speculated virtually all the what-ifs. We looked at the photos I took in addition to asked ourselves what it would have to make the kitchen await more than upscale. 
  • What could we make alongside the baths to upgrade them on a shoestring? 
  • Is there room for improvement of the deck?
  • What virtually that popcorn ceiling too the drywall record that’sec coming unloose about the ceiling edges?
  • The fogged-upward patio doors?
  • The outdated lighting fixtures?
  • The puny landscaping?
  • The wallpaper?!
We spent the residual of the mean solar day penciling in prices on sail afterward canvas of lined notebook newspaper.  Asking price. Selling toll. Fix-upward costs. Realtor’s commission. Carrying costs. Profit. It’sec the fix-upward full that holds the cardinal to whether it’sec doable. 

We called a friend , I’ll call him Mr. Carpenter because he is one , as well as more than that , too asked if he would come up as well as assistance us ballpark fix-upwardly costs. We’re coming together him tomorrow.