Should 1 Pigment My Brick Fireplace?

I take a neighbor whose married man is a bricklayer , then when I told her that I had painted the brick fireplace inward my own home , she gasped , "Oh , my hubby would never permit me make that!"

I don't sympathize that form of thinking.  It'sec brick , not a sacred relic. But I'm not a bricklayer. 

To me , a brick surface of about whatever variety (peradventure non the quondam brick of a snazzy loft's walls) belongs outside , so an indoor fireplace is merely begging to get covered alongside whatsoever color I like that plant for the residual of the room.

In a staged home , that colour is in all probability going to be white.

I know there are close to people who will tell , "But what nigh the next possessor? They'll never go the paint off the brick."

My comment to these people is ... that I don't care. Keeping something you don't dearest for the soul adjacent inward occupation is like laying plastic mats on your auto'second flooring to go along it clean for the adjacent owner , or using plastic covers on upholstered piece of furniture. Yes , around people notwithstanding do that. 

Besides , plenty of people dear the expect of painted brick. It'second clean , it'second contemporary , it's cottagey or sophisticated depending on the decor.

To order adieu-cheerio to the blood-red brick of our condo fireplace , I masked off the carpet , then primed it with a stain-blocker. Then I brushed on two coats of our pure white semi-gloss cut pigment.

Before I painted the hearth together with environment , our room's focal betoken
was merely a dark too brassy hole at 1 end of the room.

Mr. Lucky had already masked off around the metal fireplace concealment. He used estrus-resistant fireplace spray paint to go far dark.

This BHG brick fireplace got a fresh expect with or so white pigment.
The black hearth risers pass it more or less personality.

A casual room like this , from BHG , with plenty of white , looks
alongside a white fireplace , rather than a crimson brick i. 

I honey the look of the "new" fireplace inward this condo we're flipping. I have a feeling the novel owner volition not tell , "Why did mortal ruin the precious ruddy brick?" 

Buyers discover eyesores more than they make special features. Don't be afraid to freshen a brick fireplace amongst pigment.

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