Santa Told Me He Loves These Sesame Cookies

Christmas cookies are 1 of the virtually endearing too enduring symbols of the holidays. Every year I bake dozens to pass on as gifts in addition to to savour amongst family as well as friends.

Cookies rival candy equally an indulgent snack , just they are more than healthful. They are less formal than cake , and more than satisfying inwards a homey way.

Cookies are too a guaranteed manner to brand friends. There is something magical virtually a cookie. At this fourth dimension of year , they can popular up anywhere.

They're passed around at offices , warehouses , factories , schools too order meetings. They decorate mantels , trees , and packages.

Cookies are a symbol of expert cheer , hospitality , festivity , and heritage. Every civilization has its traditional cookies -- amaretti , madeleine , kringla , pizelle , biscotti. There are crescents , wafers , squares , bars , spirals , tartlets , too drops. 

I take heed from Santa that these are ane of his favorites. These "Benne Wafers ," are a Christmas staple in many southern homes. I take been baking these unique cookies every Christmas for over xx years. They're crisp , full of flavour , travel good , and go on good. Best of all , they're not complicated to brand. 

Sesame Wafers

1 cup sesame seeds
i loving cup unsalted butter , at room temperature
two cups carbohydrate
two eggs
i teaspoon vanilla extract
three ½ cups all-purpose flour
4 teaspoons baking pulverization
ane teaspoon baking soda
i teaspoon table salt

Have fix a pocket-sized bowl for the toasted sesame seeds.  Heat a saucepan over medium rut , add seeds , together with toast them for most v minutes , stirring briskly as well as constantly.  Immediately transfer to bowl.  The seeds should accept popped , simply non be smoking.
This twelvemonth my 4-year erstwhile grandson helped
brand cookies , wearing the cowboy apron
I made for him.

Beat butter with sugar until smoothen together with creamy.  Add eggs in addition to vanilla , as well as combine good.

In a medium mixing bowl , sift together flour , baking powder , baking soda , too salt.  Add to butter mixture , together with mix good.  Stir in sesame seeds.

Wrap dough inwards plastic wind and refrigerate for at to the lowest degree i hour , or equally long as a few days.  Dough may likewise live wrapped inwards airtight purse as well as stored inwards freezer for a few months.

Shape dough into 1/ii-inch balls.  Place on lightly buttered baking sheets.  Flatten to 1/eight-inch thickness with a floured , apartment-bottom glass.

Bake inward a 325-degree panggangan for ten minutes , or until lightly browned.  Transfer to wire racks to cool.  Makes half-dozen dozen cookies.