How To Stage A Fireplace For Summertime

What better style to exhibit off a fireplace
inward summertime than filling it alongside mirrors ,
the manner Eddie Ross has done? 

Most dwelling buyers are drawn to a fireplace like moths to a flaming. But inward hot weather , a fireplace doesn't have all the magnetism it does on a snowy winter solar day. 

In the summertime , all your rooms should feel cool in addition to refreshing.
Feng shui experts order that a fireplace makes a room “hot” because it represents the “burn element ,” as well as that an empty , unused fireplace represents lifeless or drained free energy.

Even if yous don't know beans about feng shui , you can't deny that there’sec naught appealing almost an empty fireplace , no thing what the season. 

It’s a dark hole inward i wall. It looks similar something’sec missing or non working.   

Are there uncomplicated ways to showcase your fireplace without suggesting rut? Yes. Here's how.
Whether you lot're decorating in a coastal style or not , 
yous tin can't get wrong amongst an oversized clamshell , 
either empty or filled amongst shells or plants. 
Real or false succulents or a fern would add together a summery 
touch. Photo: Ali Wentworth via Completely Coastal.

A mirror inwards forepart of the firebox brightens whatsoever infinite , 
together with a circular i similar this adds about essential curves 
to a room with then many stripes in addition to squares. 
Photo: Porch Light Interiors

Diane Henkler at her web log , In My Own Style , designed 
this always-so-sweet decorative fireplace cover
She made it no-sew , from cloth attached to a 
dressmaker'sec folding board designed to cutting fabric.

If yous are going to have logs inward your fireplace in 
summertime , add together about hardware like a handsome grate 
or something similar these anchor-themed andirons. 
Photo: Traditional Home

More Summer Staging Tips

Keep animate being prints packed away during warm months. No furry pillows allowed until fall.

In summertime , flowers and plants make more than feel than candles inwards the firebox.

Keep your staging colors on the cool side of the palette. When in uncertainty , concentrate on white for a refreshing summertime colour system.

Accessorize amongst drinking glass and colorful ceramics rather than heavy crockery together with earthenware.

Make sure your firebox is make clean , even if it is hidden behind a covert. Buyers volition look inside.

Your Realtor should indicate that your fireplace is a working fireplace if it is functional. I think it's legit to phase a fireplace that is not functional , equally long every bit the MLS listing gives the truthful facts.

 Need more ideas for fireplace staging? Visit my Pinterest board , Fireplaces Off-Season

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