Ebony And Ivory: The Ultimate Colour Scheme

Home staging calls for more or less pretty simply uncomplicated props.

One slowly , fast , as well as thrifty formula for turning a collection of mismatched junk into pretty props is to choice a color system in addition to go alongside it.

Here's my example 

I chose dark as well as white every bit my colors. When in dubiousness , this is your default colour combination.

Call it ivory , cream , oyster , os , alabaster , ebony , midnight , charcoal , inkwell , or any other descriptive tags paint companies want to dream upwardly.

I didn't get-go my tablescape alongside anything peculiarly hitting or attractive. As y'all can meet I used merely a bunch of odds and ends I gathered. There was zippo that made them expect similar they had a time to come together.

Step one

First I taped off the parts of the lamp I didn't desire to get spray painted white -- the bulb socket in addition to the cord.

I e'er function white lampshades , and then that was all fix. I sprayed the light , as well as spell it was drying , I brushed the pumpkin.

I actually staged this tabletop concluding fall , too solely lately discarded the pumpkin  -- vi months afterward -- for showing signs of mold. I tin can't mean of other vegetables that would agree upward besides , simply plastic fruits as well as vegetables are always inward flavor!

This is how the collection of props
looked earlier their makeover.

Step ii

I brushed the woven box amongst the same white latex semi-gloss paint I used on the pumpkin.

I used black too white wallpaper samples from the book I discussed here. It'sec a snap to encompass books. Just measure out , cutting , as well as flexure.

Step Three

I spray painted the blue metal box too the dark-brown planter , using black. Every stager needs a stash of black together with white spray paints.

Then I went hunting for a black in addition to white print to hang behind my new vignette. Classic dark too white shots are everywhere -- notecards , postcards , magazines , onetime photographs , gift shops , catalogs , fifty-fifty newspapers. Your frame tin be uncomplicated , like what I chose , or ornate. Your magical colour scheme makes it all operate together.

You tin can make this

In no fourth dimension what was a fairly ugly assortment of odds as well as ends came together to grade a sophisticated as well as pleasing vignette.

Make certain your collection has a variety of shapes , sizes too textures.

There are plenty of other budget-friendly ways to add style to your abode when it'second fourth dimension to sell.
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