Diy Home Staging Tips

Our condo sold , as well as we're reminded that every offering 
is a serious offering fifty-fifty if it sounds goofy.
Today I discovered still one more advantage to staging your abode for sale.

It gives yous a distinct leg upwardly inwards negotiations.

Two days agone nosotros received an offering on the condo nosotros accept had on the market place for 145 days.

It was a very low offering. The interesting matter is that the written offer came to our Realtor alongside a $5 ,000 deposit too the mulut information that the buyer planned to pose the same offering in to another unit inwards the same complex if nosotros refused the cost and price.

The terms included the demand that nosotros provide a domicile warranty , as well as that nosotros accept a lower selling toll if the property appraised for a lower amount.

We didn't like the toll or the damage. Nevertheless , nosotros countered past reducing our listing cost a few 1000 , even so nowhere near his offering.  He countered past raising his offering a few grand , nevertheless nowhere most our adjusted toll. We refused to go lower.

Here'second where staging helped. We knew the other unit of measurement was non staged. Both units were priced nigh the same too take the same flooring plan.

The noesis that our property showed well provided the confidence to concord business firm at our cost. It was a showdown , together with the buyer blinked. He agreed to our price.

Know When to Take a Risk

We knew nosotros were gambling , that the buyer could walk away , and nosotros power wait months for some other offering. Rather than be hustled by his warning that he had a dorsum-upwards plan -- buying the other unit -- nosotros were comfortable waiting him out. We were comfortable because we staged , so we knew we had the competitive border.

We've since learned that the reason our buyer opened with a low ball offer was that he had a relative advising him. When the deal looked similar it wasn't going to occur , he told his adviser to footstep aside together with he made what he knew was a more than fair offer.

The lesson hither: take all offers seriously because you lot never know where negotiations will atomic number 82.

Tomorrow we'll sign papers to seal the bargain.  Another victory for effective home staging!