Diy Habitation Staging Tips

If you lot have a fireplace to stage , the skillful tidings is in that location'sec no correct or wrong way to feature it as long every bit you lot feature it.

Don't enshroud it behind a mountain of books , a cluster of kids toys , a jumble of media boxes too cables , or heaven forbid , a big ole piece of piece of furniture.

Here are approximately pointers to conduct yous.

Anchor it

Make the fireplace the focal point of whatsoever staged room. People beloved fireplaces and they are a natural , architectural focal indicate. In a real big or multi-purpose room , a fireplace might live the secondary focal betoken , allowing family hunters the pleasance of discovering a bonus.

Add weight

Start past placing the largest piece of article of furniture inwards such a manner that it emphasizes the fireplace , either visible immediately when individual enters the room , direct facing the fireplace , or even perpendicular to one finish of the fireplace.


Every room together with every fireplace is unique. Fooling around with unlike pieces of article of furniture too dissimilar arrangements is a technique for finding the perfect grouping that even the experts role. Get your sliders out.

Refresh it

When it'second bound and summertime , it'second time to telephone exchange the logs as well as fireplace tools for a seasonal bear upon -- flowers , a plant , or a painting that says "fresh."

Break the rules

If the fireplace is in the dining room or bedroom , at that place may not live room for the common chairs flanking or facing the fireplace. In that case , phase the mantel to be the star of the room.

Be creative 

A corner fireplace can live tricky to stage. Keep the piece of furniture pieces small to solve whatsoever traffic period job.  Limit the issue of pieces at the fireplace to avoid a lopsided expect to the room.

Stage the mantel

The mantel is normally the icing on the cake. Choose accessories that emphasize the particular features of your dwelling house -- contemporary prints if your home is newish or lately remodeled , charming antiques if your dwelling house is a cozy cottage , beachy items inward yous live nearly the coast , or period art run if your domicile is historic.
Chairs facing a fireplace emphasize it equally a selling characteristic. Abbot Construction photograph.

Don't be afraid to boundary seating to ane chair beside or fifty-fifty 
facing the fireplace. Keep it from looking alone amongst a side tabular array ,
 bookcase or lamp. Photo: Mantels Direct.

Furniture organisation around a fireplace doesn't take to be complicated.
A simple system that lets the fireplace mouth for itself
is sometimes the best approach. Wettlings Architects photograph.

A corner fireplace , whether it'second office of an open up floor plan
or in a Southwestern kiva mode , is frequently best left to fend
for itself rather than block a traffic blueprint by adding piece of furniture.

For more than kiat on article of furniture arranging together with all aspects of effective home staging , consult my eBooks , check out my Pinterest boards

Top Photo: Benjamin Dhong.