Diy Dwelling Staging Tips

Every home stager wants to go every bit much natural low-cal into rooms as she can.

That agency no heavy draperies or sun-blocking shades. There are enough of possibilities – from lightweight curtains and sheer drapes to force-backs too Roman shades.

Problem opinion?

But what'second a stager to do when there’s a view from the window that doesn’t exactly assistance sell the belongings? Neighbors with ugly yards , a factory , the dorsum of an flat edifice , a busy road , or a construction site are all mutual problems.

No i tin can brand these things disappear , just a clever stager can minimize the impact by helping buyers forget the problem. Enter curtains that let inwards calorie-free just shroud the persuasion.

Easy solution

Here is my spin café curtains that are DIY-friendly , even to person with no sewing skills. The lower constituent can be kept closed to conceal or so outdoor unsightliness , in addition to the meridian tin live kept open , hopefully revealing bluish skies , mature trees , or a distant view.

What I like virtually these cafe curtains is that they are reminiscent of a natural sisal carpeting bound inwards dark , or a traditional woven reed tatami mat used for floor inward Nippon. The fashion I come across it , anything classic inwards a staged dwelling house is a bonus.

The mats I chose to go alongside tin be purchased dirt inexpensive in summertime past the beach. Amazon sells them all yr long for well-nigh $6 each. They are called beach mats , picnic mats or yoga mats , as well as they measure out near three feet by six feet. 

What you demand

ii straw beach mats
Grosgrain ribbon to edge the mats , seven/viii inch wide , virtually half dozen yards for each mat used
Grosgrain ribbon to make loops , iii/eight inch broad , well-nigh 2 yards for each mat used
Hot mucilage gun too glue sticks
Dressmakers straight pins or masking record
Dressmakers marker pencil or chalk

Having a table large enough to suit the length of the drape helps. It doesn’t call for to be large plenty to put out the whole mat , because the mat folds over easily. Protect your run surface from hot gum drips if necessary.

Install hardware

If y'all make non have mantle rods installed , do that first. I used leap tension rods that sit within the window frame. I chose black because I liked the fashion it looked with the black ribbon loops. The pall rods , tiptop in addition to bottom should match.

Measure for the drape

Measure the distance from the top of the curtain rod to where y'all desire the pall to stop. The lower drapery should cease at the window sill. The upper pall should terminate just below the lower curtain rod. That figure minus ane inch is your curtain length. If your window has an upper together with lower sash , both curtains will in all probability live the same length because the rod will fall inward the center.

Cut the mat

First yous'll dissever the mat in ii. Heat upward your glue gun because y'all’ll call for it as presently as you lot cutting the mat inwards one-half. If there are textile ties on the terminate to necktie the mat as a roll , cutting them off. Fold the mat inward half crosswise. With scissors , cutting on the fold. The mat will desire to unravel , so go a bead of mucilage downward the border to seal the stitches that accept come loose. Don't worry if you lose a long reed or ii. You may accept to scrunch more or less of the reeds back in place in addition to stick them downwards alongside glue. The ribbon volition encompass your mucilage repair.

Glue the edge to prevent unraveling.
If your upper and lower curtains are different lengths , make up one's mind if yous are making the upper or lower get-go. With a pencil , measure together with then grade the length on i of your grass mat panels. Draw a business across the width of the panel to the right length , together with alongside scissors cut on this line of work. Going in this management , across the reeds , the mat does non unravel.

Measure the right pall length and depict a occupation.
Cut on the job to shorten the curtain.

Attach  ribbon

Lay the mat right side upwardly (both sides are probably the same , but 1 side may look meliorate) on your go tabular array. Lay a length of vii/8-inch ribbon along the edge that volition be the length of the curtain. Cut the ribbon the length of the curtain , addition an inch on each terminate. You power likewise cut the ribbon for the other border at the same time. My mantle panels were 25 ½ inches long. So I cut 2 lengths of ribbon 27 1/two inches long.

Cut ribbon longer than the curtain.

Glue ribbon onto edges

Secure i cease of ribbon past placing a dab of glue in the outermost corner of mat. Both sides of grosgrain ribbon are the same , and then there'sec no right or wrong side. Align your ribbon past placing the eye of it straight over the glue dab , and so that the ribbon is centered over the edge of the mat , allowing the extra inch to overhang the cease. Press on pinnacle of the ribbon and then it sticks good to the mucilage.

Add a dab of gum to the corner of the mat.

.Press terminate of ribbon into glue , leaving i-inch overhang
Add an viii- to x-inch occupation of gum along the border of the mat. Pull the ribbon directly , put it downward on the hot gum , as well as press it flat with your fingers. You tin experience where the edge of the mat is , and then you lot tin can line upwards the eye of the ribbon with the border of the mat equally you become. The ribbon should wait like a perfectly straight business.

Lay a occupation of glue viii to 10 inches long.
Lay ribbon in mucilage , feeling the edge of the mat underneath it.
Pull dorsum the ribbon after each viii- to 10-inch work , and then that yous commence the next job of gum where the last line of glue stopped. This will forbid whatsoever gaps where the ribbon is non affixed. You should have a one-inch overhang of ribbon at the end. Trim the ribbon to a ½- inch overhang.

Next y'all want to glue the ends of the ribbon to the dorsum of the drape. Let glue cool for a infinitesimal. Turn mat over. Lay a thin occupation of glue along the cutting end of the ribbon. Quickly twine the ribbon around the edge of the mat and press it downwardly onto the dorsum of the mat. It’second neater if you lot put the mucilage on the ribbon because you lot know it volition live hidden behind ribbon.

Lay a thin business of glue along the cut cease of ribbon.
Press the glued ribbon downward on the back of the mat.

Repeat on other edges

Glue the ribbon along the border of the opposite cease , first making sure yous have right side upward. Measure and cut ribbon for peak too bottom edges as earlier , adding two extra inches. Glue ribbon to superlative too bottom edges. Wrap the ends around to the back of the mat but as yous did to the commencement ii edges. You should have all iv edges trimmed inward ribbon.

Turn mat over too mucilage finish of ribbon to corner of mat.

Glue ribbon to height in addition to bottom edges.

This what the back of the drapery looks similar at one corner. 

Cut the ribbon loops 

Calculate how long the loops should live by wrapping a slice of ribbon around your drape or curtain rod. Add an extra inch. I wanted a ane ½ inch long loop to exhibit , so I needed 3 inches for each loop , summation some other inch for gluing and slack. I cutting my ribbon into four-inch lengths. Cut your ribbon into the lengths y'all take , for instance , longer than four inches for a fatter pall rod.

Calculate how long to make loops by wrapping ribbon around the rod.
To figure how many loops yous postulate , crimp mat inward half , correct sides together. Using a dressmakers direct pin or a slice of record , mark where the crimp is on the dorsum side of the mat. Open the mat , too working on the back side , grade where ribbon loops volition become.

My drapery width was 34 inches. I placed a pin on the plication , inwards the center , 17 inches inward from each edge. Using a yardstick I measured as well as marked alongside pins points at viii ½ inches inward , and and then at every 4 ¼ inches. In other words , separate , so divide inwards half again to make up one's mind points that are equally spaced. Or eyeball the placement , as well as grade alongside pins , figuring 1 loop at each cease , ane inward the centre as well as the rest spaced equidistantly.
Use pins or tape to score where the loops volition get.

Attach ribbon  loops

Dab 2 small dots of glue on ane finish of each cut ribbon , then fold too press to make a loop. So that all the tabs volition live the same length once they are glued on , mark with a dressmakers pencil a line ane/two inch inward from the cut end of each ribbon.

Mark i/2 inch inward from cut stop of the ribbon loops.
With your piffling score facing upward , align each ribbon loop with a pivot or piece of record , whichever you lot used to score where loops should get.
Align each loop amongst a pin , together with alongside the edge of the mat.
Be certain your mat is wrong side upwards. Align the picayune mark on the ribbon with the border of the straw mat , in addition to amongst the pin or record you used to score where loops should go. Place a dab on mucilage on the pall , as well as press ribbon loop onto mucilage. Glue downwards all the loops , keeping them perfectly aligned , as spaced , as well as at right angles to the top edge of the drapery.

Hang your curtains

When the gum has cooled thoroughly , take 1 end cap or filial from each of the drape rods. Thread the loops through the rods , too supervene upon the terminate caps. Hang the upper as well as lower rods , each with ii curtain panels.

The grass mat filters the sunlight too adds texture to a room.
Space the loops along the rod , and conform the folds of the curtains then they hang evenly. It'sec truthful that approximately of the original cotton fiber material reduce will present on the reverse side. Unless y'all hang your drape inwards a window that faces a porch where people sit down roughly the home , no ane volition find.

My cafe curtains for a 31- by 54-inch window price me most $21.00 including the two tension rods at $two.threescore a piece , in addition to ii mats at $ii.l each. If I had to buy mats from Amazon , my cost would have increased past alone $7.
Typical toll for a beach mat , inwards season.
I paid $ten.05 for all my ribbon , simply you could pay less if you shop online. Purchased online , you lot can buy 20 yards of three/eight inch firm colour ribbon for alone $two.65 , or the same total of seven/viii inch ribbon for $three.ninety.

My straw mat pall lets in lite merely gives me privacy. I love it.

Get the wait , go the volume

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