Diy Dwelling Staging Tips

Sex together with religion: a double whammy!
Home staging has been bashed for stripping a dwelling house of personality for the sake of a generic expect. To this I say , “What’s incorrect with generics if that’s what sells your home?”

There’sec no accounting for gustatory modality. Or , equally my grandfather would tell , (rather than order “What the heck was that guy thinking?”)De gustibus non est disputandum ,” which translates from the Latin equally , “In matters of gustatory modality , there is no logic.”

He loved Latin

You mightiness desire the art on your walls to be an aspect of your gustation , only it improve not live as well expressive.

One easy mode to brand your fine art more than generic is to avoid the mistakes mutual to these field of study areas: Sports , vulgarity , politics , organized religion , in addition to (surprise!) people's faces.


Sports loyalties are a big deal all over the earth. Some squad rivalries are intense , then the safest route to a purchase offering is to continue your sports preferences a clandestine. Why alienate soul interested in buying your dwelling house? There are then many posters in addition to paintings that are suitable for staging , ones that are easy to DIY or easy to purchase , that hanging a NASCAR poster doesn’t brand skilful sense. 

One exception might be vintage sports photos or like archival images (non you lot in your high school basketball game uniform).  


Vulgar is a discussion we don't hear that oftentimes. Instead , nosotros say , "sexually explicit ," or even "politically incorrect."

Like obscenity , you know vulgar when you see it. Nudity is one of those controversial issues. Nude paintings have their home inwards fine art history , simply to just about people even Venus de Milo volition live embarrassing. 

Always err on the side of caution whenever displaying artworks that include even vaguely sexually suggestive content. If yous even mean it might heighten around eyebrows , and then it probably will for some people. Remember that buyers oftentimes come up from other cultures too other countries. We all accept dissimilar sensibilities. 
So wrong on so many levels.


Maybe y'all are the precinct chairman of the local GOP.

Maybe you worked on raising money for the local Democratic candidates.  

Let’sec just enjoin yous have the posters or photos declaring your political passions. Even if you lot take a photograph of you shaking hands alongside JFK , Ronald Reagan , or Martin Luther King , instantly’second the time to pack them into storage. Or cover them upwardly alongside other , more benign , art for the fourth dimension beingness.

When your home is on the market is non the fourth dimension to win votes , convert the undecided , or denote your political persuasions. Sorry.


I’thousand going to tread lightly hither because I know how important faith is to people. It’s your telephone call if yous desire to portion your belief system amongst the fine art inwards your dwelling when it’s for sale. Buyers volition brand decisions nigh the sort of individual you are – to your do good or non.

My personal sentiment is that the less the buyer knows nearly you lot , the seller , the better. It’s a ingredient of successful negotiating.
Buyers may not desire to deal alongside someone they experience is either condemned forever , or else person who would estimate them negatively for their own personal religious beliefs. Spiritual beliefs go very deep , understandably so because along with our social mores , they grade the center of our value organization as well as thus our actions.   


Have you ever driven in traffic too all of a sudden go aware that the driver in the adjacent auto over is looking at yous? Yeah , even our peripheral vision is attuned to total front faces. It must live hard-wired in our brains.

Faces command attention , and then for this reason , I always propose that if you lot are staging your dwelling , y'all should avoid using artwork that includes faces.

Your job equally stager is to keep people noticing the assets of your domicile , uninterruptedly.

People touring a home want to “ain” a room equally before long every bit they come in it , non get into together with be confronted alongside the presence of a stranger. It’second subtle , only that’second what dwelling house staging is all almost – subtleties.
Does this “rule” utilize to pretty watercolor paintings of children playing at the beach? Or etchings of Classical Greek statues? No.  I’1000 referencing pictures similar the examples shown hither.

You’ll know when a face takes over a room.

My message

Political opinions are a hot button theme
Do non fear the generic. It keeps yous out of country mine territory.

If making your habitation a house rather than a domicile bothers y'all , recollect that it’s entirely temporary. "Tempora mutantur , nos et mutamur inwards illis ," way "Times change , and we alter amongst them." [winking to Grandpa]

I hope your abode staging efforts are making your domicile more than beautiful together with a pleasance to alive in.

For more than encouragement , kiat on cleaning , decluttering , article of furniture organisation , window treatments , curb appeal , together with everything else that makes a habitation attractive to buyers , download my eBook , DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast too for Top Dollar.