Brand A Unique Holiday Wreath For Pennies

A novelty wreath volition welcome alongside whimsy
both dwelling house buyers too guests to your hom
Last week I showed kiat for creating a wreath of greenery. This week I made a wreath for our boat. The thought came to me when I spied an onetime life ring taking upwardly space in the garage.

I beloved re-purposing what's on paw to create something no i else has! 

Wreaths can go a long manner towards improving curb appeal. If your holding is function of a condo complex that forbids forepart chiliad décor , a wreath ordinarily falls inside regulations. And it could live i of the things that distinguishes your unit from other units buyers expect at that day. 

If you don’t have a wreath on (or well-nigh) your front door , together with yous desire i that’sec unique and inexpensive , wait around for what yous tin re-purpose or upcycle. 

A wire coat hanger? A moving picture frame? A circular mirror? Foam gist? Plywood? Twigs? Vines? Driftwood? Any one of these are the outset of a 1-of-a-sort wreath. 

Or , go out your handy glue gun in addition to make the base from what y'all tin scavenge from thrift stores , nature , as well as around your habitation. Even something wild too crazy similar ping pong balls , plastic plates , cookie cutters , or children’sec blocks can make a cute base for a novelty wreath.

Since in that location was dust together with mildew on the onetime , trounce-upwardly life call , 
I wiped it alongside a cleaner that has mildew-cide.   

To put a imitation complete on the wreath base of operations , I started amongst i coat of an outside
 satin menage pigment , but whatever craft paint would make too. 

A adept imitation complete calls for a variety of colors. I sponged on iv unlike
greens , letting each coat dry out before adding the side by side. 

To replicate the (missing) webbing strips that agree the rope that encircles the 
life call up , I folded this 3-inch broad ribbon inwards half together with stitched it across to brand a loop.
The ribbon was long plenty to get about the life phone , amongst a few inches to spare.

I knew the wreath would be viewed by and large from the front end , just I didn't 
want to accept an ugly seam where the ribbon ends joined , 
and then I used dressmaker direct pins to attach the ribbon. 

Once the rope goes on , it starts looking similar a performance 
life preserver. And it would however serve as 
i inward an emergency. I connected the ends 
of the rope with duct record , 
and tucked the joint into one of the loops.  

Once I added around silk holly sprigs in addition to glued on around 
star fish I made from bakers clay , I hung the wreath on the bow flagstaff. 
It makes people grinning when they meet it! I painted the clay stars 
too gave them a few coats of clear sealer , 
so we volition see if that is sufficient weatherproofing.

Update: Seagulls seem to intend the bakers clay embellishments are for snacking.  
I'm bringing the wreath abode to replace what'sec left of the starfish with real shells.   

A "argument wreath" like this adds more or less personality to a holding. And I made it from what I already had on hand. Do you have an thought for a DIY novelty wreath? 

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