An Easy Fashion To Dress Upwards The Ordinary Office Chair

A dwelling role is a selling characteristic when y'all phase to sell.

If you want your dwelling house to expect more than contemporary , and more than accommodating inwards full general , await for where yous tin can tuck a abode part into your family.

It needn't be large , merely somewhere a individual can sit down and take attention of business concern , a spot that’s non the dining tabular array or the kitchen counter. Really , a home part tin can be staged inwards only ane corner of a sleeping accommodation , family unit room , or living room.

Often there is a home for a pocket-size part on a stair landing , inwards a broad vestibule , or inward the unused infinite under a staircase. A table or desk , peradventure around shelving or bookcase , in addition to y'all’re there.

Choose a  Chair

Ever since nosotros brought home this ugly , hunter light-green office chair from Staples virtually 12 years ago , I’ve hated it. The  manufacturers may accept spent money when they studied the ergonomics of the chair , simply they sure ignored the glamour-omics.

Today , I decided to do something virtually it. I’k non the commencement ane to pretty up an executive chair. Teresa at Cozy Cottage Slipcovers is a pro , too then is Kristi at Pink in addition to Polka Dot. I covered my ugly chair inwards a span of hours , doing very niggling actual sewing.

I take a mucilage gun , as well as I'thousand not afraid to purpose it.

Here’s how I beautified my chair in addition to how y'all tin speedily together with easily do the same to your ugly chair.

Get Fabric

One of my favorite activities is shopping for fabrics.
This chair makeover takes less than 2 yards , so remnants ofttimes operate.
I institute a slice of upholstery material inward my fabric stash. I made sure at that place was enough to comprehend both sides of the dorsum too generously wrap around the place.

You should use something heavier than curtain weight or “apparel weight ,” to make sure yous don’t stop upwards alongside a mess o’ wrinkles later on you’ve been sitting on it.

An upholstered wait rather than a slipcovered await , volition remain neater , which is ameliorate for habitation staging.

Make a Pattern

I set ugly chair on its back on a flattened sail of paper. I traced a line near 2 inches out from the border of the entire backrest , to let for seaming together with for the thickness. I ready the chair upright over again. I cutting out the newspaper blueprint.

Cut Your Fabric

I cut 2 layers of material using the paper pattern. Then I laid a square of fabric over the seat in addition to cut a few inches out from the place , and so I could wind it all the mode to the bottom of the seat.

Pin the Back Cover Pieces

I nonetheless didn’t know I was going to web log well-nigh this project , then I didn’t take pictures of these steps. I wrapped the backrest alongside the ii back textile pieces , inside out , too pinned them together , adjusting the seams then the novel encompass would jibe snug , only liberate enough for me to pull it off. I pulled it off , together with sewed the front to dorsum , turned it correct side out , and pulled it back over the chair.

Stitch the Back Cover Closed

I pinned the bottom edges of the dorsum cover , in addition to sideslip stitched the opening at the bottom closed. I didn’t fuss amongst this stitching because it won’t really live visible.

      This is the lower border of the backrest , and I take pinned forepart to dorsum , make for skid stitching. 

Wrap the Bottom Piece

I set the other square of fabric on the seat , smoothed it , together with pinned it  around the edges to concur it in place.

I flipped the chair over too started hot glueing the cloth to the bottom of the place.

I prepare the seat of the chair on a tall , lidded kitchen garbage tin can to go far easier to go on. A stool would besides serve. You can't lay it on a large function surface because the arms in addition to dorsum go far the manner.

You tin can see I accept stuck pins around the place edge to concur the textile inward home when I flip the chair.

To make the seat check smoothly ,  I outset glued the seat inward iv places -- the center of each side. Then I glued small-scale sections at a fourth dimension , easing the material then in that location were no large puckers. 

Gradually , all the raw edges will live glued downwardly. The edges tin can rest raw every bit long as the glue keeps liberate threads out of sight. We're non talking heirloom quality hither.

I set the chair upright , too I was done. Goodbye ugly , how-do-you-do floral.

With a chair this pretty , that fiddling home office you lot’re creating for staging looks inviting , together with gets your message to buyers that this is a dwelling house that is loved in addition to where they tin live comfortable.

If each of these chairs didn’t toll nearly $100 in addition to upwards at Staples , I would recommend buying in addition to covering a ready of 4 or half-dozen for a dining room staging. They would live comfortable and fashionable. Usually by the time an role chair makes it to the thrift shop , it'sec shot. And chances of finding more than than ane matching role chair moment manus are slim.

But one for a habitation function? Perfect!

Get the look. Get the book. 

There are then many was I tin intend of to fluff upward your domicile when you are fix to sell , that I set them into i home -- a book. You tin can download my eBook , DIY Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast too for Top Dollar.

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