A Checklist For Maintenance Problems

"Barbara made me add my photograph."
Laurie , the crafty woman at Handy Man , Crafty Woman is our invitee today. (Applause!) On her creative , fun blog she writes near her adventures equally she and her handy husband Rob (in addition to their son Handy Boy) renovate , repair , together with redecorate their New England abode.  

They fully renovated their starting time dwelling house , built inwards the 1830s. Then they moved together with did it all over over again in their moment home , built inwards the 1850's. They are instantly working on improving their electric current dwelling , built inwards 1994.

Laurie in addition to Rob like to get antique shopping , in addition to collect vintage Fiesta Ware. They weblog virtually the recipes they like , decorating discoveries they make , organizing problems they solve , renovating projects they complete , the tools they purpose , the crafts Laurie manages to find fourth dimension for , too everything inward between. 

Their method is for Laurie to choice out the paint colors , too then say Rob what to do. Rob does the picture , and all the heavy lifting.    

I am and so happy that she is hither to reach you her advice on domicile maintenance issues.

Home Staging: Don't Forget the Maintenance!

When you lot position your dwelling on the market , there are then many things on the to-do listing. You know that you must make clean thoroughly , together with withdraw excess piece of furniture as well as clutter. However , yous too ask to pay attending to maintenance issues.

Your house may go the "white glove" test , simply if you lot exit whatever maintenance projects unfinished , potential buyers may intend "No fashion!" in their minds.

Here are about areas you should try out earlier putting your abode on the market place:

The thou. The lawn needs to be mowed regularly. Trim bushes , rake leaves , as well as tidy up the flower beds. Potential buyers will often crusade past your domicile in social club to run into what the neighborhood looks like. Give them a neat offset impression.

The entry door. The M may look skilful , merely the entry door is too really important. Is the pigment on your door cracked together with peeling? Is the door muddy? Give it a new coat of pigment , or a skillful cleaning.

Interior doors. Do the doors within your home shut? Doors to kitchen cabinets , bedrooms , bathrooms as well as closets should shut properly. Sliding doors should open smoothly. If you lot have a squeamish deck , you want the buyers to get exterior in addition to accept a wait.

Outdoor features. If you do take a deck or a puddle , be certain that they are clean and maintained. These tin be proficient selling features , as well as you want them to look their best.

Faucets. In add-on to cleaning , make the sinks together with shower faucets and then they don't drip.

Tiles. Do y'all take tiles inward your domicile? Are they inward skilful status? If you aren't handy plenty to bit out broken tiles and supercede them yourself , you lot should hire a handy human being to help alongside this. Broken tiles expect shabby.

Lights. This may sound obvious , merely do all of your lights run? Home buyers (too existent estate agents) will oftentimes turn on lights inwards your domicile , so they can actually run into each room. Make sure that whatsoever burnt out light bulbs are replaced , in addition to that all low-cal fixtures are inwards working gild.

Unfinished projects. You know what I'1000 talking most: The trim back that is not consummate; the new cabinet knobs that haven't been installed , etc. Go around your dwelling house in addition to make a list of unfinished projects. Now is the fourth dimension to finish them!

You tin can clean too declutter your dwelling when y'all lay it on the market place , merely don't ignore these basic maintenance issues. Home buyers await at broken in addition to shabby items , too may wonder what else yous have been ignoring. Take tending of these issues , and permit potential buyers imagine themselves moving correct into your domicile.