99-Centtray Makeover

When I spy something equally functional as a serving tray -- with handles , however! -- at Goodwill for less than a buck , I'k going to have it home amongst me.

Such was the instance when I spotted a plain jane , yellow plastic tray final calendar week.

I knew that tray was dreaming of a more adventurous life. She was marooned at the instant manus shop , waiting to live thrown a lifeline. I was happy to rescue her.

When y'all stage a abode on the marketplace , serving trays similar this 1 can add together simple structure as well as mode to a side table , vanity , bedside table , mantel , hassock , lobby bench , or coffee tabular array. I wrote about dressing upwardly a tray here.

I'thousand e'er telling you , "Don't function small-scale objects when you phase ," just you tin can well-nigh tweak my rule when you place the modest stuff on a tray.

It didn't bother me that my tray looked jaundiced too gaudy. She only needed more or less fresh air. And paint. 

My showtime stride when I got her abode was to give her a bathroom. Once dry , I sanded her lightly , together with sprayed on a coat of white primer , as well as and so a coat of creamy white semi gloss. 

I wanted to gussy upward the handles as well as add together just about personality , so I constitute just about white nylon rope to wrap about them. I thought that would reach her the "nauti-wait" I was after. 

I hot glued the stop of a length of rope to the underside of a grip , because I wanted to enshroud the stop. 

   Then I started wrapping the hold amongst rope.

I ended the roll on the underside of the handle , and glued the other cease downwards.

Then , I cutting the stop off , dainty and clean.

I tried tracing around the bottom of the tray , merely inward the stop , I decided to live more than accurate , 
in addition to measure the actual expanse I wanted to  embrace. 

I rough-cutting the maritime chart I wanted to purpose. It's important to purpose newspaper amongst equally much heart every bit scrapbook paper , not a regular , lightweight route map or wrapping newspaper. Or you lot tin paint a stencil pattern on a tray , similar this i that Kristi at Pink as well as Polkadot did.

I cutting the nautical chart out amongst a rotary cutter , only pair of scissors or a mat knife would as well operate. The edges should live directly together with make clean. You should dry out-tally the paper onto the tray before going farther. I ironed the map to polish the wrinkles and creases. What gal wants those to demo?

I applied spray adhesive on the dorsum of the map too and then quickly ready it inwards place.

Finally , I sprayed the whole tray amongst a clear sealer. My serving tray is
all decked out for her new life. 
I'thousand pleased with the wait , and I know I'll observe 
plenty of uses for this tray on our boat , or for staging a house.

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